Why Purchase Home Air Filters Frequently?

July 25 2013
Tagged in Home Air Filters
Home air filters are one of the biggest defenses a family can have against multiple problems, including things such as respiratory problems, allergy flare-ups, or heavy and dirty breathing air caused by smoke, sand, dust, or pet dander, among others. They are worth investing in and spending the time and money on because your family’s health is important. And here at Your Filter Connection, we have all the answers for you! We recommend changing your filter at least every three months, in order to keep your furnace from building up dirt and coating it over. By changing the filter this frequently, you will allow your furnace to work longer and save you money from having to buy a new furnace or air conditioner- which costs a lot more than just purchasing the filters. Our 3M Filtrete air filter is one of the options that we offer, with a rating of MERV 12, which is one of the best options for people with many allergies who need clean, dust-free air. These filters are so effective and good for your home because they are electrostatic filters, meaning they pull both positively and negatively charged particles towards it, thereby eliminating more dust and air pollution than a simple washable or fiberglass air filter would. If your family doesn’t have allergies or doesn’t need something as strong, a simple Filtrete air filter will do the trick. Still just as useful, but cheaper in price, these filters do the same as 3M- just choose a different size or MERV rating and you will be satisfied in your purchase. So protect your home by doing the right thing, and go to Your Filter Connection for the best defense your home can have.

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