Why You Should Replace Air Conditioner Filters

June 04 2014
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Written by: Your Filter Connection Replacing your HVAC filters has several important benefits for your home and your wallet. There are always hidden allergens lurking in your home, no matter how thoroughly you might clean. Rather than trying to disinfect your home, you need to take steps to counter the allergens. Most people already take steps to clean kitchen counters and common areas with antibacterial wipes, but it’s not the only step you can take to ensure your house stays clean and germ-free. Air conditioner filters are also valuable for deterring bacteria, as they help filter out some of the particulate matter floating in the air of your home. The growth of bacteria also relies heavily on temperature, so your furnace filter is an important replacement part as well. Failure to replace that filter will lead to those particulates circulating through the ducts of your home. Unclean filters can be just as heavy of a breeding ground as a dirty kitchen counter. Left unchecked, particles multiply until they are carried off to another part of the home through your system. They can also clog the filters, forcing your system to work overtime for the same amount of cooling. The defense against these issues is a filter for your HVAC systems. Whether you want a disposable or replaceable filter, you’re looking at the same quality of filtration for allergens. Permanent filters are a benefit to home owners because they end up causing less over the life time of the purchase. With a disposable filter, you’re paying about once a month to restore your HVAC system to its former glory. Replaceable filters just require about an hour’s worth of work disassembling and cleaning the system. If you’re replacing a filter, consider the Filtrete brand from 3M. These filters block micro-allergens, which are good for home owners with pets.

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