Will an Air Filter Really Help You?

August 15 2014
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Written by: Your Filter Connection Air filters will filter out the particulate matter in your home, helping to boost the air quality of your rooms. An air filter is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of an HVAC system. Many home owners will live years in their home without ever touching their filters, and that’s why so many AC units fail or have problems. Much of these issues are avoidable if you just learn a bit about how air filters work. What Filters Do Home air filters help to keep harmful particles out of your air conditioning system. These can clog the system, forcing your HVAC to increase its output. That takes a toll on your compressor over time. Filters use special fabrics and materials that are tightly knit. These fabrics sometimes have a slight charge to them, which can help with smaller particles and certain bacteria. Benefits Those with allergies will also have problems breathing if filters aren’t replaced regularly. Filters also clean the air of smells, like those left over by pets or cigarette smokers. 3M Filtrete filters that are maintained well also cut costs on your power bill, because your HVAC unit doesn’t have to force air through clogged filters. Choosing Temporary or Permanent This is largely related to the costs you’re willing to take on. 3M furnace filters aren’t that costly to begin with, but the permanent filters do carry a higher price tag. The tradeoff is that these filters can be cleaned, instead of an outright replacement. Replacement filters must be maintained at minimum of every three months. Related Story: Home Air Cleaners for Asthma Related Story: Do You Need an Air Filter

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